Church Studies For Children

Everywhere you look there is disheartening news about the world around us. Social injustice, abortion, gun control, racial inequality, etc. - they are all social concerns that foster a difference of opinions amongst one another. These differences of opinions on social concerns often create a stir amongst our communities. One can’t deny that there is a disparity between what is happening in our communities and everywhere else in the world. We can all agree that the world is not perfect, but we can’t expect everyone to be perfect like the Lord. What we can do is turn to the Bible to provide answers to difficult problems we are facing in a fallen world. Here at Word & Worship Church, we offer church studies for children and adults. At our church studies for children and adults, we teach you how to apply biblical scriptures to the social concerns happening around us. We want to reach out to people of all ages, so that we build a better community with help from God. 

While we might draw different conclusions on current events and issues, the Bible can give us wisdom from which we can develop instincts and ideas to help us understand humanity and sin, and to help us live faithfully. 

If you are searching for a church that offers church studies for children and adults that preaches the word of God and that can help you make sense about the social concerns surrounding our community, come to Word & Worship Church in Jackson, MS. The Bible is our only search of absolute truth, so you don't want to waste your time at a church that doesn't preach the Bible. We invite you to continue to learn and grow with us here at Word & Worship Church in Jackson.