Flight School

The field of aviation is thriving and many people are choosing careers in aviation. The aviation industry is full of envious and thrilling careers. Those who are seeking careers in aviation can seek jobs as a pilot, test pilot, air traffic controller, flight mechanic, aircraft interior technician - there are a number of things you can do, if you choose to seek out a career in aviation. And, there is more opportunity for those who want to work in the aviation industry than ever before. If you want to try to embark on a career in aviation and are looking for a flight school around Jackson, MS, come to Word & Worship Church.

Here at Word & Worship Church, we offer a revolutionary aviation training program at our flight school in Jackson. Many want to provide for their families through a steady career, but they just aren't sure where to start. That's why we decided to offer a flight school that allows people in Vicksburg, Flowood, Hazlehurst, MS, and the surrounding areas to get training that can lead to a wonderful, well-paying job. 

Starting a flight school might be a un-traditional offering for a church, but Word & Worship Church exists to meet the needs of our community. When we see an area that is lacking, we want to do everything we can to make up for it. We have seen the amazing difference that high-quality career training can make in the lives of our students, and we would love to introduce you to these exciting possibilities as well. If you want to seek a career in aviation and want to learn more about our flight school, we invite you to contact us today. We are ready to tell you about the love of God and how that can help you in your life, and we are also ready to get you on the road toward success.

Come worship with us this Sunday!