If you live in Jackson, MS, we have an important message for you. We want you to know that there is a place for you here at Word & Worship Church. Whether you go to church every week or you haven't been in years, whether you have attended biblical studies or you are just curious about what it has to say, we are ready to greet you with a smile and help you on your spiritual journey. At Word & Worship Church, we don't believe in labels. That's why we are proud to be an interdenominational/interfaith church. Our members and attendees have various church backgrounds, and that is just fine with us. We gather each week at Word & Worship Church because we want to learn more about God and gather with His people through preaching, worship and biblical studies. Regardless of what type of church you have been a member of in the past, or even if you don't go to church often, there's a place for you at Word & Worship Church.

We understand that people in Jackson, MS and the greater area have numerous options when it comes to churches, so we appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit more about Word & Worship Church. We believe one thing that sets us apart from many other fellowships is the high quality of our preaching. You can be sure that you will hear a message directly from God's Word each time you walk through our doors here at Word & Worship Church. Our pastor's messages are honest, accurate, and filled with helpful tips that will help you draw closer to God and find peace in your daily life. Our preaching service and biblical studies, here at Word & Worship Church, are designed to help you, so don't miss out on a blessing by staying away!